9 Tips to Paint Like a Pro

We can't all paint like professionals. JUST KIDDING. We can.

Here are my top tips to paint like a pro AND I've added extra tips from my Instagram community.

Lets just take a peek at the difference can make in a space...

Okay, so you get it, right??

Aaaand now, the how. I want you to be able to paint like a pro. So I gathered my best tips so you can do just that.


1-Dust the walls + baseboards with a swiffer

2-Use your tape to cover AND to hold your drop cloth.

3-REMOVE outlet covers and tape over the outlet.

4-Edge with an angle brush, loading the top with paint, slowly pulling up and away from the wall and down from the ceiling.

5-Cover your fresh roller in tape and pull off to remove excess fuzz.

6-Paint from the top down making "W" lines.

7-Always store brushes to keep from drying between coats.

8-Always edge TWICE.

9-Don't be selfish - share your tips

Extra tips from my favorite people. Ahem, thats you.

Caulk all the gaps first

Only paint a small section with each roller load.

Feather out all you edges right before you go to reload your roller

Don't go back over an area until it is dry

Use 18" rollers - makes the job go so much faster

If there is leftover paint, label the can with the color, room, and date

After washing off your brush, keep it in a wet paper towel and let it air dry. It will go back to its original form! MAGICAL.

Clean walls with TSP prior to painting, let dry, and then tape

Floetrol to second coat of paint to make sure there are no roller or brush marks before it dries

For jobs requiring more than one gallon, use a clean, empty, 5 gallon bucket and mix them together using a mixer attachment for your drill to combine and assure color consistency

Invite a friend to come help, followed by a yummy treat

Use Glad Press 'n' Seal between carpet and baseboards,to cover your can while you're painting and to cover things are are too big for tape and too small for a drop cloth

Skin So Soft by Avon. It takes paint off everything, walls, carpet anything

Handy Paint Pail for cutting in. It has a magnet that holds brush in place and is easy to hold going up and down the ladder.

Take the painters tape off the top and bottom when it’s still semi damp

Sand with fine grit after priming or between coats (get a sanding block thing that goes on a rod) to get that super smooth smooth perfection on untextured walls.

Okay, now here is the deal, I've shared and Instagram has shared so if YOU have more to share, please do.

Now, go pick up the paintbrush.