DIY Textured Art

How to create your own textured art canvas for under $10

DIY Textured Art

We all need a little space refresh every now and then, right?

This DIY art was the perfect addition to my piano. I wanted something simple so that it didn't distract, but also classic and pretty.

Using joint compound has been a hot move in the DIY world lately, so I thought I would give it a shot.

Truth is, I don't hoard too much when it comes to art, so I needed something and knew this would be the perfect fit.

Like I said - I don't hoard art, and I didn’t want to pay big money for a canvas. So I did what I do best, and I headed to the thrift store. Poppin’ tags is my jam.

Materials Needed

- Canvas

- Spackle Knife

- Joint compound

- Blending tools — I used a kitchen scraper, a comb, and a spatula!

Let's Picasso This

Step 1: Get yourself a canvas.

I found this pretty lil’ beach scene on canvas for a whole $4. SOLD. The trick with DIY is to keep it simple and don’t overthink!

Step 2: Gather your supplies and prep your space.

I used an old table that was already paint splattered, so I wasn't too concerned about covering it up.

You may want to consider doing so if painted tables aren't your thing.

Step 3: Joint Compound Spread

Begin by spreading your joint compound onto your canvas, the main goal is coverage in equal amounts. Its basically like spreading peanut butter on bread.

Step 4: Texturization

DIY Texture Art

Once you have covered your whole canvas — I also chose to cover the sides because 1. I didn't have a frame going on it and 2. the canvas was painted on the sides, and as much as that would have added.. I took a hard pass on that!

You can now begin using your “tools” to create your designs. I used my comb to make some arches in different spaces, and then smoothed out other spaces with the spatula. This is where you let those creative juices flow.

Step 5: Curing

Let your project dry. I ended up letting my piece dry for about two days. I put my compound on really thick, and it was humid outside so it took a bit longer.

Now guess what? You're DONE.

Its time to sit back and enjoy the view. It’s also time for me to get an even bigger canvas and do this again because it was so easy and turned out so simple and pretty! Wanna join me?



All tools and items below:

- Spackle Knife

- Joint Compound