Granite Countertops Transformation

I didn’t love my granite countertop and was feeling conflicted about it.

Buuut, I think just because someone else loved them, paid for them, or inherited them… whatever, does NOT mean YOU have to love or keep them.


I painted the granite countertop using a paint + epoxy kit & making my bathroom a space *I* love.

First, I took out the sink and faucet, since I didn’t want to worry about working around them (and I’m replacing them both).

To remove your faucet:

  1. Turn your water off.

  2. Unscrew your connections.

  3. Pull the faucet up & out.

This is the kit I used.

I followed the included instructions to a T, starting with taping everything off.

Then, I lightly sanded the granite, cleaned it off, and primed with the primer that came in the kit.

I started in the corners with a foam brush & worked in small sections so that I could roll the brush strokes out before they get too dry. Then I went over it with the roller.

Each coat of primer has to dry for an hour. It’s going on really smooth. They say 2 coats for lighter countertops and 3-4 for darker. I was thinking I would need 4 coats, but ended up being good with 3.

I practiced my marble veining on some scraps before giving it a go on the actual countertop.

1: draw thin lines with the gray paint.

2: spray with water and blot with a brush.

It’s tricky, but not what I would call HARD. Mostly just stressful. BUT! When I messed up I would wipe it off with water. You work in one spot, paint, spray, blot, adjust as needed. After the gray we added white as well to highlight and make it blend for a more natural look as well.

After the marble veining is dry, it’s time to apply the epoxy! After the epoxy cures, it’s all ready to go!

This is one of my all time favorite projects to date!

Wondering if this only works on granite?

While I covered granite, this works on MANY materials - formica, laminate, corian, ceramic tile, butcher block, cultured marble, & traditional granite.

If YOU don’t love something in YOUR space I’m officially giving you permission to change it.

Now, what countertops are YOU doing?



Here’s the links for the half bathroom.