Kitchen Makeover Phase Two: Floors

Phase Two of the kitchen renovation might just be my absolute favorite yet.

I had the opportunity to partner with Home Depot and Pergo Defense+ to makeover our floors and lets just say that I’m not a magician but I am also not saying that with the right materials I can’t pretend to be.

The kitchen was a serious bonus point for us in our new home. The cabinets may have been oak, but they were solid and custom and build really really well. Not to mention that it was spotless and so well taken care of (thank you previous owners!). SO that said, we knew we didn’t need to do a massive gut job and decided instead to break up the renovation into phases. Welcome to Phase Two: The Floors.

This project was one that was definitely needed and also one that we had to carefully think through. With dogs, snow and three kids flooring is something that has literally always been a struggle. Good news is: I am not the only one who is not just satisfied but absolutely in love with the new floors.

We were lucky enough to have a really solid and level floor to begin with, so for prep the main things we had to do

were remove the old baseboard (it was oak to match the cabinets before they were painted, so I was definitely not too sad to see it go).

After removing the baseboard we gave the existing floor a good scrub. We knew we wanted to lay the new floors right over the top of the existing vinyl, so I didn’t want there to be anything grimy underneath.

We decided to go with the Pergo Defense Plus line in Sun Veiled Oak (Link to:

THIS is why we chose Pergo Defense+ and will be able to love it for years to come…

Each Pergo Defense+ flooring finish is:

  • Antimicrobial: technology that prohibits the growth of harmful microbes which can cause stains, odors, mold, and mildew

  • Waterproof: lifetime protection against spills and accidents, including pet accidents

  • Scratch, Scuff, and Dent-Resistant: durable enough for busy households

  • Wear, Fade and Stain Proof: maintains the look for life

Here is the recommended tool list for this project:

I referred to this video time and time again for a tutorial on proper installation. I figure instead of recreating it, I would share the love and show you:

The floors are basically like a giant puzzle, and with the right tools they are pretty simple to install once you get the hang of it.

The trickiest part is cutting the pieces to size in the awkward and hard to reach spaces. This is where your multi tool and saws will come in handy.

One of my all time favorite tools is this multi tool. You really can do so much with it. For the floors we used it multiple times to cut trim pieces like you see here, notch out the boards for tricky spaces and even cut the end lip off of the pieces to go against the wall.

After you have made your cuts and put your floor puzzle all together, you will need to add your molding. Molding is pretty simple. Use your measuring tape and miter saw to get the angles right and you will be golden.

We couldn’t be happier to have our floors done. It honestly feels like a whole new space and its incredible.

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What do you think about Phase Two?! Are you ready for Phase Three? I’ll be honest — I’m going to need a nap first!!