Look ma! Floating shelves!

Floating shelves are some of the simplest things to build.

1. Using a 3/4 inch plywood (I used white oak) cut down an 8x4 sheet. You’ll need 5 pieces for each shelf. Here’s what my cut list looks like and an example of what the mitered corner will look like.

2. Miter the skinny parts of your plywood. Use a square to draw your line. (Why do we call it a square?? It’s a triangle?)

Tips: Mark the side you’re “eating” with an X.

Mark your line and double check with your tape.

Check where your blade hits. THEN cut.

3. Glue the edges with wood glue and then nail it all together with a 23 gauge finish nailer. (The 23 gauge is different from the standard 18 gauge nailer that is most common - it has a small nail and no nail head so it leaves a TINY dent.) Glue, nail, repeat. Let it dry overnight.

4. Fill nail holes and edges/seams with wood filler and sand. Start with 100 grit and end around 300.

Tips: Always sand with the grain.

Start with a HIGHER number grit if you’re worried about scratching.

(The higher the number, the finer the grit.)

5. Install brackets onto the wall (if you do it in tile, like I did it will be a doozy, but doable!). Pre drill into your wall and then use screws to attach it.

6. Apply heavy duty construction adhesive to attach the bracket INSIDE the shelves.

7. Seal and finish the shelves.

8. Style and enjoy your hard work!

See video examples in my “FloatingShelves” highlight