Top Tips for Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Got a wall you’re not in love with?? Or maybe one you want to have some FUN with??

Peel & Stick Wallpaper FOR THE WIN! It’s easy and makes THE BEST statement.


1 - two people. Is it possible with one? Yes. Is it easier with two? Also yes.

2 - LEVEL! Your first panel HAS to be level. This will determine the rest of the panels & the whole look of the wall.

3 - got air bubbles? Use a push pin to poke them and smooth out… it’s like magic.

4 - apply to as smooth of a surface as possible. If you want to apply to something like paneling you can put up some backwards beadboard for a smooth surface.

See this in action (and catch up on the renovations happening in Pandora’s Wooden Box in my Half Bathroom highlight.

What room are you going to wallpaper?



Half bath light

Half bath wallpaper (from Etsy)