We bought a mountain. WHAT.

I know, I am just as shocked as you are. Please do me a favor and don’t tell my 16 year old self because she may never forgive me. However, my 28 year old self couldn’t be happier. I guess it takes a decade or so to realize what’s most important. Sagebrush! Ha! Kidding. My allergies will never forgive me, but I think the rest of it will make up for it.

So, WHY is the question we’ve been asked most. Honestly, Its one I have been asking since the very beginning quite frankly. At least until I SAW the property in person. I mean, can you blame me?

This is a big move for us, obviously location wise but also a move that is big altogether for our family. New schools, a new “job” for my husband… I’ll get into that later, and really a whole new place all around.

To answer your most frequently asked questions, I’ll just go ahead and dive in…

What about Foster Care?

For sure the most asked question. We still have our sweet girl with us and we have done everything we need to in order for us to be in compliance with the rules and regulations of moving to a new residence.

Is this a permanent home?

Yep. This is it. This is the one. We still currently have our other home as well, but we will be in the ‘new house’ permanently… and hopefully indefinitely.

What project will you do first?

Well, I asked you all what YOU would do and I was blown away at how many of you said kitchen. So much so, that I may have ordered flooring. Ha! We’ll be getting started right away. AND we have a whole plan up our sleeves that I seriously cannot WAIT to show you.

Where is the house?

One day I might give some general location information, but for the safety of my family I won’t be sharing much more than that. You can’t blame me right?!

How many acres is it?

The house is on 3.5 acres, which is significantly larger than we’ve ever been on before, our first home being .16 acres and our last home being .25 acres. Good news is, we’ve got a lawn mower.

Are you crazy?

Yes. But only in the best ways.

We truly couldn’t be more excited for this massive shift in life. Moving away from the majority of family will be hard, but we are excited to put down our roots and be close to my sweet grandparents and wake up on our mountain with beautiful views in a place we can raise our babies. We have fears for sure. Like did I mention the fact that DoorDash isn’t a thing there and even if it WAS there are approximately 4 restaurants to choose from within a one hour radius. It hurts my heart to leave a home we’ve put so much into, I won’t lie. It makes me sad to take my babies from their immediate grandparents and so many cousins. However, there are three things in life I have had that instant peace and calm and SURETY that they were absolutely what I was meant to do.

The decision to marry Justin. This has turned out to be ultimately the best decision of my life. Shocking, I know.

The decision to become a foster parent. I fought this one, and was more than terrified. That’s a story for another day. And also a decision I have never once regretted.

Lastly, this decision. To move now, far from home, far from family and to a completely new place.

I am ready and elated to take you on this journey with us. Not a new chapter but a brand new book.